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  • Neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio, not platelet to lymphocyte or lymphocyte to monocyte ratio, is predictive of patient survival after resection of early-stage pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

BMC cancer 2020 Aug;20(1):750


BACKGROUND: NLR, PLR, and LMR have been associated with pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) survival. Prognostic value and optimal cutpoints were evaluated to identify underlying significance in surgical PDAC patients.
METHODS: NLR, PLR, and LMR preoperative values were available for 277 PDAC patients who underwent resection between 2007 and 2015. OS, RFS, and survival probability estimates were calculated by univariate, multivariable, and Kaplan-Meier analyses. Continuous and dichotomized ratio analysis determined best-fit cutpoints and assessed ratio components to determine primary drivers.
RESULTS: Elevated NLR and PLR and decreased LMR represented 14%, 50%, and 50% of the cohort, respectively. OS (P = .002) and RFS (P = .003) were significantly decreased in resected PDAC patients with NLR ≥5 compared to those with NLR < 5. Optimal prognostic OS and RFS cutpoints for NLR, PLR, and LMR were 4.8, 192.6, and 1.7, respectively. Lymphocytes alone were the primary prognostic driver of NLR, demonstrating identical survival to NLR.
CONCLUSIONS: NLR is a significant predictor of OS and RFS, with lymphocytes alone as its primary driver; we identified optimal cutpoints that may direct future investigation of their prognostic value. This study contributes to the growing evidence of immune system influence on outcomes in early-stage pancreatic cancer.


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